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-   James Stevenson (MSc, IEA) - Positive Psychology Coach

Fill this nifty "to do list" with your daily action plan and tick the box as you complete things!

The to do list below is for you if you just love lists! I've also added in an option to plan when you'll do it, and also to record when you complete each action... so you have that sense of progress and accomplishment at the end of the day! 

You may want to use this to do list in combination with one of our popular goal setting worksheets

For example if you have filled out a few worksheets and have them pinned up, stuck up somewhere... or on your desk for example.... and you have printed a load of daily to do lists, you can drag some impactful actions from various worksheets straight on to your daily list...

This will hopefully add to the amount and level of meaningful action you take each day!

Smart goal worksheet

Choosing "when"

Choosing "when" awakens many things that help your progress. The purpose of choosing when you'll do something is really to cause yourself to do it when other things get in the way... i.e. to hold yourself accountable.  

Try to have a relaxed approach as to whether it actually happens at the actual time you decide on. Maybe you remember a bit later and do it then... Think to yourself, have I made more progress than I would've done without this list today? Although it's super simple, thinking through the "when" with pen and paper can create some helpful awareness in a matter of minutes!

For example: "Oh yes, I have that and this to do! I won't be able to X until Y, oooooo but there's an opportunity to do Z earlier at this time"

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