Health Goal Setting : Using different types of targets to improve health

Ready to start health goal setting? How does doing it in a proactive, positive, and affirming way that makes the challenge exciting and even pleasurable sound?

If you're able to take even one of these health goal setting tips and make it one of your motto's... you'll gradually start to notice improvements In your well-being and energy levels. Priceless!

Is health one area in particular that feels like be a gruesome battle? Unless you're one of a handful of very lucky individuals, you probably find establishing a nutritious balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and praising and encouraging yourself a never-ending challenge.... 

What is it about these things that can be so difficult to consistently do?!  

When you're setting goals regularly you can be confident that even when you do slip into old habits it won't be for too long.

Because when you do, you have the tools at your disposal to pull it back again each time. 

3 Health Goal Setting Tips

I have 3 tips that have helped me over the years that I would like to share with you that I think have proven to be particularly useful in improving my health.

1. Take just one step... just one little step... 

When it comes to health there's a thousand opinions.  A thousand ideas. And when something doesn't work you might say "it" didn't work.

Always looking for the "right" way to do it takes focus away from the most important thing.... You doing something. You winning over yourself in this challenge of taking action over and over.

It's easier to point out a long list of often valid excuses than to look at one thing you can do, and do it.

The fact is you can certainly do one thing to get where you want to. When you set a relatively long-term goal with no immediate pressure, it'll help keep you on this path of "take another step". To set a goal right now go here.

2. Be patient with yourself

In health goal setting in particular it's important not to become obsessed with immediate results.

Impatience can cause you to start questioning all the great efforts you're making.

All actions lead to some result or other. This is the law of the universe. A result may not be apparent immediately but will without doubt become apparent at some point. 

It's important for us to trust in the positive actions we are taking.

A beautiful and poetic quote I heard describes this as follows: "The journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining, how can you admire the moon over the capital?" 

That enjoyable moment of victory won't come if you give up and sometimes it's when we're close to a result that we naturally begin to doubt and think about turning back or changing approach.

3. Everything is connected... Realising this is exciting and gives you hope!

Health, fitness, what we eat... it's a massive area in which advance in one area can positively effect and increase the chances of success in another area. They are all connected.

Eating a little healthier, can cause you to drink less alcohol, which can maybe cause you to feel like exercising more. Exercising more can make you feel better, which may help you get up earlier, which will give you more time to prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch, etc etc.

and finally...

If you are mostly interested in losing weight check out this, and if you are more interested in improving fitness in particular how about this page? To set high quality goals that work check out this, and for free resources to write down your goals check this out. Best wishes!

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