5 body goals that’ll Cause Great progress!

Are you feeling inspired? Are you raring to go? Have you decided enough is enough! It’s time to change your body for the better?

What are your body goals? Do you have an idea of where you'd like to be body-wise?

After the introduction below you'll find 5 key ways to make serious progress towards the body you want.

  1. Aiming high
  2. Writing it down
  3. Deciding action steps and changing habits
  4. Not obsessing over methods
  5. Believing you're great as you are as you progress

Your body... one of the most frustrating challenges!!!

It's gotta be one of most frustrating areas in the world of goal setting! You're can often find yourself in a constant cycle of progressing, sliding, progressing, sliding.

The temptations of Christmas, birthdays, Easter, parties, the weekend... It might feel like every week there is something that gets in the way! Sometimes feels like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle of resistance!

On top of that you have everyone telling you what isn’t possible? You can’t do this… You can’t do that… Thanks a lot for the pep-talk!

You probably sense in your heart that this kind of thinking isn’t helpful... Sure there are perhaps some realities to be aware of but isn't it better to think about what IS possible?!

Why not make today a fresh beginning!

Today could be the day you decided. The day you refreshed your determination to walk in the direction of your desired body… Some may say it's vain... But ignore them! It matters to you, and that's the only thing that counts.

No matter how far away it seems, you know your body goals... You know you can get there somehow... someday... What more do you need?!

Anyway, isn’t setting huge goals how you make huge progress? You know that. Think of all the people you will inspire. 

The point is… you... making actual real movement in a direction you choose! You feeling wonderful about the improvement you do make!

5 keys to reaching your body goals

1. Dream big. Aim high. Decide you will do it.

Make decisions based on your inspired self and not your worried or afraid self is solid advice. Think long term and be brave and dream big. Who knows how far you can go? You’ll certainly never know unless you try! 

2. Write down your intention

Set your actual body goals. Choose a time-frame. How ever long you think it might take. That means you writing down something like:

"To be feeling fit and brimming with health, my weight between ___ and ___, with body fat % between ___ than ___, by 2025."  

Set your actual date you want this to happen. Be brave and take this first step! Put it in your own words. You can use one of these free goal setting worksheets to assist you.

3. Decide on some action steps/changes and add to your daily or weekly routine

Now you can decide on your first steps towards your goal. Even one new step is great! 

You might decide to make one or two changes this month. Or maybe a few changes in the next 6 months. Whatever feels right for you... plan it!

4. Don't obsess over right and wrong methods

The method you choose is less important than your discipline... you sticking with it. If you're brave enough to act on steps 1-3 you will find determination and grit.

Choose some action steps that feel like a good fit for you. If you keep trying you will find a good fit. In fact you'll find many good fits.

Your action steps will naturally change many times as you make progress. Hopefully your determination will not.

5. Believe you are great just as you are

Your imperfect self (the truth for us all!) is truly great right now...  

just as you are, without changing a thing...

That's your starting point! 

The best way… the healthiest way… is to progress with gratitude and awareness of all the things that make you great. To come from a high view of yourself as a person (as everyone should) will increase your chances of sustained success. You're moving from great already, to slightly greater!

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