body goals that’ll Cause Great progress!

Are you feeling inspired? Are you raring to go? Have you decided enough is enough! It’s time to make some changes?

What are your body goals? Do you have an idea of where you'd like to be body-wise? Or how you'd like your relationship with your body to be? 

Below, as well as the article, you'll also find printable worksheets to help you set your goals easily and effectively, and a list of example goals and how you might measure them to get the creative juices flowing and help you make decisions. All this is grounded in goal setting science and psychological studies to give you the most realistic shot of progress. 

Your body... one of the most frustrating challenges!!!

It can be one of most annoying areas in the world of goal setting! You may find yourself in a constant cycle of progressing, backsliding, progressing, backsliding...

If changing weight is your bag, the temptations of Christmas, birthdays, Easter, parties, the weekend... It might feel like there's constantly stuff that gets in the way! 

On top of that it seems like everyone has an opinion about it. Apparently many people just can't help themselves when it comes to the body and weight. I sometimes think things would be better if people just kept their mouth shut.

You may also have everyone telling you what isn’t possible? You can’t do this… You can’t do that… Thanks a lot for the pep-talk!

I mean... of course certain outcomes may be highly unlikely but if that stops me doing anything at all then that can't be good. This kind of thinking can deflate our enthusiasm which may be quite difficult to come by and maintain already.... Isn't it better to think about what IS possible and go from there?

Body Goals Worksheet

A PDF copy of the body goals worksheet above can be downloaded here.

Why not make today a fresh beginning!

Today could be the day you decided. The day you refreshed your determination to walk in a new direction… Ignore the muppets who think they know what you're capable of! If it matters to you, that's the only thing that counts!

No matter how far away it seems, you know your body goals... You know you can get there somehow... someday... 

Anyway, isn’t dreaming a little how progress happens? You know that. Think of all the people you will inspire. 

The point is… you... making actual real movement in a direction you choose! You feeling wonderful about the improvement you do make!

A couple of points you may wish to consider when setting a body goal

1. Consider the many types of body goals

There are so many different body goals that you might go for...

As well as goals that aim to directly change the body (adjust weight, increase muscle mass, decrease body fat %), you may also want to consider the ideas below:

  • Create a greater awareness of what you like about your body already.
  • Heightened awareness of the positive functionality of your body rather than the image, i.e. what's working well or what's serving you well.
  • Set a goal to treat your body in some way. Just think of all the possibilities...
  • To learn a new way of moving your body that enhances your opinion of your body and also your well-being. 
  • A goal to decorate your body. To adorn it with beautiful items in a place and way that feels natural to you.
  • Maybe you'd like to try dressing your body in a new way that impacts how you feel about your body? 
  • Embodiment - or how well you hear what your body is telling you or your level of responsiveness to your body. One potential goal might be to listen more and identify sensations you were previously unaware of. 
  • Create a greater awareness of the connection between your body and your emotions. What is your body doing when you're anxious. New awareness can free up creativity and open up the potential to make changes in a new way. Or perhaps you want to increase your level of confidence in quickly identifying or responding to certain things.
  • How about a goal around body posture? Studies have found straight posture to positively impact how proud people felt about their achievements and better mood generally.
  • A goal to improve your body image. For example, how you picture your body in your mind. Or raising awareness about fantasy vs reality by learning more about photo-shopping and airbrushing etc.
  • Or how about a goal to develop a loving acceptance with your body imperfections. I'm sure you could come up with many creative ways of doing this using the worksheets on this page.
  • How about a goal about who you surround yourself with. Do your friends love you unconditionally? Or do they make you feel worse about yourself? Maybe there is a direction here...

In fact, all these ways of interacting with the body have been found in various studies to slightly or moderately increase satisfaction with life and happiness. Why not choose one direction for now, and pop back and try another direction later. Eventually you're sure to find a way.

As you can see there are many ways to go about setting body goals. I hope you choose a path that resonates with you.

Whatever goal you decide to try you can use the worksheet above or the one below to improve your chances and make the experience a more valuable one...

Body Appreciation Goal Setting Worksheet

A PDF copy of the body appreciation goals worksheet above can be downloaded here.

2. Make the most of moments when you're feeling hopeful

Make decisions based on your inspired self and not your worried or afraid self is solid advice. Whether you're thinking short term or long term, be brave and make a start. Who knows how far you can go? You’ll certainly never know unless you try! 

3. Remember the truest purpose of a goal

As always, remember the real function of a goal is to stir forces, to create movement and momentum. Whether or not we reach the exact goal, in my opinion, is of minimum importance. You'll do well to remember this in your goal journey and be kind to yourself. The WiseGoals way is celebrate your progress and learning and development more than your specific results on specific dates. Best of Luck! 

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