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How to achieve your career goals

Use this goal setting approach in your career goals to give you focus, drive, and results

What are your career goals? What's your vision when it comes to your career development?

It's been estimated that on average a person spends 1/3 of their life working! Definitely makes sense for you to be in a career that you love, that pays well, and feels personally meaningful. 

Career goals

A recent US study found that only 20% were passionate about their work. Another study found that less than 50% feel they are in a good job... 

Learning how to use the full potential of goal setting is a powerful way of helping you get to where you want to go in your career. 

What are your career goals?

Which of the following is true for you?

  • "I want to change career direction" 
  • "I want to find a new and improved role"
  • "I want to prepare for an interview"
  • "I want to excel in my current role"  
  • "I want to improve work relationships"

3 reasons that goal setting can help with your career goals

1. A decided direction changes what you see, what you act on, and the results you get 

Getting specific, getting concrete, is a courageous step. Some fear is inevitable. While accepting that fear, you boldly move through it, getting down on paper your new direction or outcome. If you don't know what your career goals are, start with what you know, what you can do, what you value, and go from there.

Change happens one step at a time. You will probably need to devote lots of time, attention, and effort toward your career goal. You may need to discuss it at length with trusted people in your circle, allowing for the evolving of ideas allowing for your vision to unfold and take shape.

Set long term and short term goals, talk about it, research it, take steps and watch and enjoy the impact of your efforts.

As you become clearer about your career goals, they begin to play a guiding role. If you first create your blueprint this will help you focus and continually draw motivation from within.

It all starts with you deciding. Your vision is like a plant that needs to be nurtured and supported by the sun and rain. In your case, the sun and rain are your effort, passion, and encouragement. Over time, you'll begin to see ideal information and opportunities for you.

2. Goal setting will get you there faster when you set a date 

It can be challenging to choose a target date for your career goals despite all the known benefits. Choose one that is both realistic and challenging... One that considers your current ability. A date can add a sense of urgency. It makes everything becomes more real.

A date can be great for causing action, momentum, progress and achievement. Also, please feel free to change the date, extend the date, without guilt. The date is not necessarily an achievement date, it often serves no other purpose than something to am at and cause a greater rate of learning to occur.  Keep doing what you can to keep your motivating force fresh and flowing.

3. Goal setting in your career supports you at the crucial moment when you think about giving up

Annoyingly, it is often when you've given your all and feel you can't give any more that you're in fact very close to reaching a break-through. At that moment, I hope you can break-through! Remembering that you are the deciding factor. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves... and this is the best change of all. 

There are crucial moments in most worthy endeavours. Moments where the part of you that wants to give up shows up and tells you all the reasons you should. 

At this point your well thought-out goal and all the reasons it matters to you, can provide a strong resistance helping you make the decision to restart, refresh, readjust, and keep going. This resilience is a key benefit of career goal setting. 

What's your personal reason?

What's the reason you're considering setting a career goal? Your reason along with multiple factors like time, money, family, lifestyle all have a significant role to play in choosing your goals and finding your way. 

It all begins with deciding what, why, and by when. This is the starting point which is of course to be reviewed and changed as you proceed. After that comes working through your reality... making the many changes that will be needed to pave the way to this happening. This involves planning,  exploring, self-discovery, and lots of learning.

It's an exciting journey although it can also feel daunting. Remember, choosing your goal, if it's realistic and challenging, can give you the firm stance you need to get there. 

If I can ever, be of any help, feel free to get in touch. and the very best of luck to you. Wishing you an excellent and prosperous career. 

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