has that time come again? Time to set your Summer goals for this year?

-   James Stevenson, EMCC Accredited Coach, Applied Positive Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist -

Thinking about summer? What will your summer goals be this year? A time for friendship? For reading? For travel? For health? 

So you've decided it's time for summer goals! It's getting closer... Excitement is building... Summer has to be the best time for setting goals! 

Does summer seem to lift you and put you in the mood for doing more? Plenty of opportunities often show up when the sun comes out, and you know that these opportunities may only be around for 2 or 3 months. 

Naturally this brings you to determining that this year you will take advantage of the gorgeous weather somehow! 

focus on possibilities quoteTo set a goal is to create a new possibility

Maybe that means friends and BBQ's, getting to that beach more often, or connecting with those friends we haven't seen in a while. For each person it can present a different opportunity but no matter who we are it often signals a good time for some kind of growth.

Making your summer goals work for you

If you do a quick search you will see plenty of nice examples of lists of goals for the summer. Unfortunately not a single list I have seen will have the potential motivating power it could have. Some examples are:

  • Read as many books as possible or I will stretch my mind by reading

Don't get me wrong. Lovely idea. BUT.... this goal can be made more powerful. It would have a stronger influence on you if you decide how many books you would love to read before October 1st. A stronger goal would be.

  • Read 10 books that stretch my mind by October 1st.

Subtle difference but an important one. On a very practical level the 2nd goal may cause you to buy the ten books you hope to read in preparation. It also may cause you to realise that if you read each book in 2 weeks you will reach your goal. 

Check out the following vague intentions and their specific goal counterpart. 

  • Play my Guitar OR Play guitar for at least 10 minutes every day and learn 10 new songs by October 1st
  • Run frequently OR Run 20km each week and a total of 200km by October 1st 

Are some of the really lovely ideas below things you like the sound of? Why not turn your vague hopes into concrete goals that will lead to concrete actions and growth!

  • Go camping and roast marshmallows over the fire
  • Go stargazing
  • Play sports in the park
  • Watch the sunrise/sunset
  • Swim in the rain
  • Day at the beach
  • Drink champagne in a park
  • Sit on a dock
  • Try new summer recipes
  • Connect with old friends

I'll be borrowing some of these for sure! Wishing you a truly wonderful summer. 

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James Stevenson is the owner of WiseGoals.com and a qualified and accredited wellbeing and philosophy coach.

He works with clients in an patient, understanding and creative way to help them apply great philosophical ideas and psychological scientific findings so they can flourish in a way that leads to them also contributing to a better world.

The development of a strong sense of mattering and agency, alongside deep understanding of inner and outer obstacles give clients a powerful coaching experience. More about James here

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