The Importance of Goal Setting

What is the importance of goal setting?

The importance of goal setting can not be overstated. Here I hope you will leave convinced of the importance of continually setting your own goals in life.

What fantastic dream will we dream today?

Deciding concretely that I will achieve something important to me, and when I will achieve it, then taking action in that direction is an important tool for improving my health, maximising my learning, and my personal development and fulfilment. Many of the ingredients for a fulfilled life. It is a tool that when used correctly helps us increase our potential in all areas of life.     

The non-goal-setter

In order to shed further light on the importance of goal setting lets look at the opposite which can often seem attractive as it's seen as low pressure, less constricted and controlled.

Let's imagine I didn't set goals for a while. I just take each day as it comes. In terms of my direction for the year.

No matter how painful or difficult, a day is ours for the taking

I have some vague ideas. I think I should be healthier, and try to find a girlfriend. I guess I should try and find a better job.

This is all fine really. The majority of people live this way and often quite happily. Plodding along the same way year after year. The thing that is missing however is drive, challenge. 

Without a sense of powerful drive and exciting new challenge it is impossible to fulfil our potential.

Without taking our dreams seriously they remain as just that, vague dreams that always remain out of our reach.

So where do you think this non-goal-setter guy is going? Think he's going to find him dream job? Think he's going to become healthier than he has ever been? Maybe he will.

But the chances of this are low. It's more likely although knowing where he wants to go very little will change. I can say this because I've seen it so many times. Without a concrete determination being made, real change rarely happens. 

If however goals are set then the key missing ingredient will be created. Motivation to actually do it. This is why it's so important to set your own personal targets.

Which self are you operating with?

Both surely exist. Which side dominates? Life can be so painful. How can we allow the strong side to dominate?

I have both "goal-setting challenging James" and "the other James" in me. Both exist in me as potentials.

One is a function of my weaker self, and the other my stronger self. I think that each person has a weaker and a stronger self and can operate as one and the other many times in the course of a single day. 

Don't get me wrong. People can be successful without goal setting. Some people are born into good circumstances. They are born surrounded by influence. They are born into money.

Perhaps, without any special efforts they can have all their desires realised at the click of a finger. But there is no fulfilment in this. How much did they really grow? Would they ever truly understand the struggles of everyday people and be able to empathise?  

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