FREE and Stylish PDF Goal Setting Worksheets and Templates

-   James Stevenson, EMCC Accredited Coach, Applied Positive Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist -

Take a look at the carefully designed goal setting worksheets below... 

These unique goal setting worksheets can be used to help you think through your hopes and dreams and start turning them into motivational and concrete plans.

They can support you in getting clearer about what you want in life, and help you prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

They can also enable you to do something many find challenging... start to be more specific and confident about the kinds of things that will get you where you want to be. This kind of work can act as a source of encouragement, helping you take action and persevere. 

Goal setting worksheet

Who might use these?

The goal setting worksheets below may be helpful if...

  • You're a teacher who'd like your students to achieve more of what they're capable of?
  • You're a coach/therapist looking for resources to support your clients...
  • You're a trainer, or in a leadership role in your organisation...
  • You're facing a situation and would like to create perspective, motivation, ideas, and action plans.
  • There is something you'd like to achieve or progress in and you want help with planning and getting started.

What makes these goal worksheets unique?

Whatever your reason is, you’ve found something unique here… goal setting worksheets created by a qualified and accredited life and wellbeing coach and positive psychologist.

I've studied the science in depth at university and worked with a wide variety of clients on their goal progress and achievement. I've worked with people who for multiple good reasons, find that setting goals doesn't come naturally.

Through conversation, goals that are personal, unique, meaningful, and motivational emerge. We discuss wishes, hopes, desires, and what most matters. We do this from multiple angles until we reach a point of confidence and certainty. We then explore many creative approaches, backed up by coaching psychology theories, to create action plans and support making the changes in the midst of messy real life.

If you prefer these worksheets blank without the titles and questions so you can add your own, have a look at these goal setting templates

List of goal setting worksheet descriptions and order 

Below you will find the following: 

  1. This years goals - Decide on some things you'd like to achieve in 2023
  2. Your main goal right now - to go through your main goal in detail
  3. Long term vision - Short term goals - Create a long term vision (30 items) for your life and decide a few initial short term goals and steps
  4. Set goals in 7 different areas of life over multiple time-frames (social, family, health, career, finances, learning, character)
  5. Set goals in each of your roles (friend, colleague, brother, mother, son etc...)
  6. Long term dreams planning sheet - Set top 10 long term goals and consider best first steps
  7. Think through one long term dream in more detail - a worksheet to zone in on one dream
  8. Top 3 goals - Choose your top 3 things to focus on right now
  9. Daily goal cards - Printable daily goal cards to keep with you throughout the day

1. What are Your Goals for 2023!

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the "my goals this year" goal setting worksheet. 

You may prefer a blank template of this worksheet without titles and instructions so you can adapt it.

A year is a long time. 365 days. 8760 hours. It makes sense to spend some time thinking about and planning where you'd like to go... what you'd like to change... outcomes you'd be pleased to see...

There is something about the start of a new year... It naturally causes us to consider a fresh start and positive change.

Maybe you start to think about what your new year's resolutions are... spend a little time thinking about your year ahead...

There is often more than the average motivation and hope around at the beginning of the year... and this is potentially a great opportunity!

The stats are certainly worrying when it comes to new years resolutions. One study found that only 8% of those who made a resolution reached their goal. Worrying stuff!

I guess the problem is, life can be messy and complex, and when the hopeful honeymoon of new year passes, life carries on. Key success factors like support from capable and knowledgeable others, understanding internal obstacles, safe and supportive accountability, are often missing. Many try to do it all by themselves. 

How to use this "my goals for this year" worksheet

When using the worksheet above you'll be able to set 5 goals. Feel free to set less and leave some blank or print out two and set more. While using the worksheet above you can bring into focus:

  • what 5 things are most important for you to focus on this year
  • when do you hope to see some positive result in each goal
  • what action steps / possible steps could you potentially take that will cause progress?
  • you can also tick the box when you've done an action to create a reminder that "I'm doing it" and "I've done well"!

2. What should I go for first? Your main goal 

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the "my main goal right now" goal setting worksheet.

This goal setting worksheet will help energise you toward something that's important to you... right here, right now. 

What do you feel is the most important thing for you to take on? Is there something, if you were to achieve soon, that would open the path wide to your hopeful future?  

If you prefer an empty template where you can choose your own titles and questions, you can download it here

3. Long term dreams - Short term goals

Click here to download the FREE and printable PDF file for the "long term dreams - short term focus" goal setting worksheet.

What's your vision for say... 20 years from now? Many people many haven't thought much about this... When trying to complete this goal worksheet, you can add anything that comes up for you...

There is no wrong answer. This is a kind of brainstorming activity, an exploration rather than a complete and final document. It's better, I think, to have multiple drafts and refine your thoughts as they develop and take shape. 

Some extra questions to help with filling out this worksheet 

Some questions to consider to get things moving might be...

Imagine everything in your life has gone as you hoped, you have worked hard and achieved everything you wanted. It's not been easy, there have been many setbacks, but you've got there. You've accomplished all your goals, What do you imagine? 

What kind of work would you like to be doing? what will you have learnt? How will your character have developed? What will you be like a person? What kinds of things will you being doing? What kind of relationships will you have? What contribution to society will you have made? How will a typical month look like? Who will you be working with? Connected with? What will your home life be like? How about your health? family? 

Giving yourself time to imagine 

This is about giving yourself time to imagine what might be possible for you. Doing this with the right tools and support, has been linked in research to higher wellbeing and happiness (Hefferon and Boniwell, 2011).

"I've already done something like this, and it didn't work"

If you have already done something like this before, now could be a good time to revisit what you came up with at that time. It doesn't have to be massive in scale and involve fame and fortune. Fill it out in your own way and to your own satisfaction. A unique reflection of the hopeful part of you is best. and remember, this isn't magic. It's just one significant step of hundreds. 

"I'm worried that this doesn't seem realistic"

Realism isn't something to worry about at this point. In the shorter term, realistic goals can be more useful but in the long term I think it's wise to be willing to dream. These are aspirations after all...

One of my favourite philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson's says, "when you aim above the mark... you hit the mark!". We aim high, and are then happy with a lower but still excellent result.

Whatever you create when you fill out this goal setting worksheet can be added to, adjusted, changed, and updated as the days, weeks, months, and years pass. It can be considered a live document. Forever changing as you change. 

What's the theory behind this?

Aside from goal setting theory, this worksheet also attempts to utilise a goal setting tool used in coaching called chunking. It's an integrating tool. When you have a big chunk or goal, you can create related smaller chunks or specifics and make it feel real and more possible.

Likewise, when you have an isolated small chunk or goal, something very specific, you can connect it to bigger chunks or goals adding meaning. In discussions about hopes and goals with clients, I'll always be looking to connect the small with the large and vice versa.

If you're unsure about what you want your future to look like and want to try an diary writing approach, you may be interested in trying a positive psychology intervention called "my best possible self". It's a free-flow writing exercise that does a good job at increasing optimism, wellbeing and achievement (King, 2001). Feel free to get in touch if you want some extra help painting the beautiful picture of your future. 

4. Seven Areas of life Goal Setting Worksheet - Choosing where to aim in different areas in your life

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the "7 areas of life goal setting worksheet". 

Are you interested in using a goal setting worksheet that looks at multiple areas of your life?

When to use this worksheet

If you're feeling a bit stuck, thinking of things in terms of popular areas may help.

Also, considering potential goals in multiple areas can help you choose what to focus on first? So if you're unsure about what to go for... if it seems like there are so many possibilities and deciding is tough, then this kind of activity is a step in the right direction. 

One way this can happen, is if you find goals that are in conflict with each other... New awareness of conflicting wishes can be a breakthrough moment freeing up change. Also seeing how some goals are align can give you a confidence boost...

Some extra questions to help do this worksheet

This worksheet will allow you to think through what you want to achieve in 7 key areas of goal setting. Don't worry if you can't fill it all in at this time. Just fill in what you can and keep it handy. I'm sure more ideas will flow in good time.

You might want to print it out and read through the examples below to see which goals feel like something you'd like to shoot for?

  • Your social life - What improvement would you like to see? What positive change regarding your friendships and connections? What's your ideal when it comes to a fun and interesting social life? What matters to you personally?
  • Your family - What change would you like to see in your family? What relationships would you like to improve? Who would you like to spend more or less time with? What would you like to contribute?
  • Your health - What would you like your health to be like?  What kind of exercise is appealing to you? How would you like to eat? What improvements would you like to see in your wellbeing?
  • Your career - What do you want to do career wise? What would be a dream job? What job would enable you to make the best contribution to society? What job do you think you'd thrive at if you had all the training etc? 
  • Your finances - What matters to you financially? Where would like to be? How could money support you? What opportunities would it create?
  • Your learning - What would you like to learn? What new thing would be interesting to learn? Which topic would you like to have deep and thorough  knowledge about? 
  • Your character - How would you like to be thought of? What area would you like to make progress in? What change, if it were possible, would make the most difference? What strengths would you want to use more? By the way, you can discover what some of your most important and natural strengths are with this FREE 15 minute strengths survey.

Multiple areas, multiple time frames 

This goal setting worksheet can great for planning. You can think about multiple areas, and multiple time frames. It can be a great way of deciding what you might want to focus on straight away, and what for example could take centre stage in a couple of months. 

Of course, you don't necessarily need to set goals in all 7 areas. Some areas may just not feel relevant to you.

All these worksheets are best thought if as a creative exercise in self-discovery... a tool to use as a step toward understanding priorities...

Also if you want to choose the 7 areas yourself, you can download the blank template for this worksheet. For example, you could do the 7 areas of coping with mental health struggles, the 7 areas of unique happiness, the 7 areas of self-acceptance, the 7 areas of comparing less. 

5. Set goals for each role in your life

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the "roles and goals - goal setting worksheet"

You no doubt have many roles in life. To some you are a close friend, to others you are colleague...  you may be a mother, a brother, a daughter, a neighbour, a boss... 

Although I don't like the word "role", at times I have still found it helpful to think about my life in this way. As a range of connections and significant relationships. 

If you are interested in thinking about possible changes in this way, this could a good one for you. 

How to use this worksheet

This is an opportunity to think about what change you'd like to see in your relationships... what you could try...

and it'll also raise awareness of how connected you are in the first place... which can be freeing and empowering.

If for self-protective reasons, you aren't very connected at this time and you feel you have no relationships, that's ok. You can just start with one area. Which one is going well? and which one would you like to see an improvement in someday soon?

Doing worksheets like these can sometimes bring up internal challenges. Feeling of being "not enough", feelings of frustration, indecision, are all perfectly normal. My coaching clients benefit greatly working through these things one by one with me. Through conversation we raise awareness of the challenges in a kind and supportive way, paving the path for them being able to make changes more readily.

Significance of relationships

Positive and meaningful connections are one large part of wellbeing and happiness. Multiple models that measure a persons happiness include relationships. The PERMA model (Seligman, 2011), and the Psychological Wellbeing model (Ryff, 1989), both include positive relationships.

Knowing this can give some extra motivation to try and create, change, or improve the quality of these connections in your life? 

6. Long term dreams planning sheet (10 dreams and first steps)

Download the free and high quality printable PDF file for the "long term dreams and planning" goal setting worksheet

This worksheet which is quite similar to the "long term dreams, short term goals" one above so I won't go into much detail here. The main difference is this one zones in on 10 of your long term dreams rather than 30. It's really just a matter of personal choice I think.

You could choose the ten most important in this one as a way of confirming that to yourself. It also includes an extra planning element in that you can start to think about when you'll start and reach each one making them feel a little more real. 

You can also choose a few action steps for each of your ten long term goals. This doesn't mean you need to do them all. It can be helpful in terms of planning and strategy to see everything in one place like this. It can also help shift your mindset a little just knowing there are options for action steps that can be taken at some point. 

If you prefer a copy of this where you can put in your own titles and instructions and use it in different ways you might want to download the free template.

7. Thinking through a long term dream 

Download your free and high quality printable PDF file for the "thinking through a long term goal" goal setting worksheet.

There is also a blank version where you can put in your own titles and questions if you prefer.

This worksheet is for beginning to plan regarding one of your long term dreams. It contains a small selection of some of my favourite questions to ask when I'm coaching. 

8. Top 3 things you're focusing on right now

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the "top 3 main goals right now" goal setting worksheet. See the blank goal setting template for this worksheet if you want to edit it. 

It's normal and natural to have a many overlapping goals... Many things you want to do, learn, achieve... Life is complex and there are many things that matter to us. 

9. Daily Goal Setting Cards

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the "my main goal right now" goal setting worksheet.

These little printable cards can can be cut out and used to remind and motivate you about the movement you want to achieve each day. 

Recommended order of worksheets

If you're thinking of doing more than one goal setting worksheet the question of which first, or in which order may have occurred to you.

Because people are all different, I wouldn't feel comfortable suggesting a one-way-fits-all approach.  

Some authors/philosphers have advocated beginning with the end in mind. This means focusing on the long term first. Worksheets that look to broaden and connect your various goals such as roles and goals, and the 7 areas one, can be used to support this process if this way speaks to you. 

Other writers/philosophers have said often people don't know what they want to achieve in the future and by focusing on the first steps first, an understanding and vision of what matters to them will eventually unfold. 

I'm interested by both of these approaches. I think being flexible and responding to what the person needs in each moment can be helpful. Also checking in continually about both long term and short term is good. Everything is changing, all of the time. 

 If you'd like some support in working out a way forward I'm happy to help. 

Last updated: 9/12/22

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James Stevenson is the owner of and a qualified and accredited wellbeing and philosophy coach.

He works with clients in an patient, understanding and creative way to help them apply great philosophical ideas and psychological scientific findings so they can flourish in a way that leads to them also contributing to a better world.

The development of a strong sense of mattering and agency, alongside deep understanding of inner and outer obstacles give clients a powerful coaching experience. More about James here

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