Two Goal monitoring Skills That'll keep you moving forward! 

So you're wondering about keeping an eye on your progress... What's the best way to go about it? How will it help you achieve your goal?  

The goal monitoring tips below will help you keep track of your progress easily so you know exactly where you are... setting you up nicely for your most empowering and flexible responses.

Sometimes you set a goal and once you start you quickly realise that an adjustment will most likely help you make your goal more effective...

Being flexible is a key skill in goal setting and monitoring makes it possible.

1. Create a steady flow of motivation with flexible goal monitoring and adjustment

Henry Ford quote about characterIs our depth of character growing as days pass?

So you set a goal. You start taking action and begin to get a grip on the reality. The reality of the gap between you and your target.

This is a vital moment for you as a goal setter.

You may begin to sense that the goal is not challenging enough or is unrealistic. The ability to be flexible and adjust your goals at this stage is the difference between creating a steady flow of motivation, and giving up.

Please keep adjusting your goals in a way that works best for you. You'll discover so much about yourself in the process. 

2. Adjusting the way you measure

A good measurement will cause you to take action that you wouldn't have taken if you didn't set the goal. You should be able to feel the motivation created by the goal. That's the whole point! 

Playing around with your way of measuring and getting it just right can be difficult. It's usually only after you begin taking action towards a goal that you realise if the measurement method could be improved. 

When the goal is difficult to measure your motivation can begin to lag.

My personal experience of adjusting the measurement

Recently set a goal to engage in 50 valuable dialogues in a month. So that I could measure this I listed some examples of what could be considered a valuable dialogue.

Bumpy roads lead to best places quote MaraboliWhere is your bumpy road leading? Have you decided yet?

For example, if I praise someone successfully, or if I listen to someone seriously and cause them to feel understood and at ease.

The problem I found after I started was that the list was too long and it became a bit stressful to measure. So I adjusted my measurement to "I feel my conversation had a positive effect".

The two essentially mean the same thing but the goal was more enjoyable with this slightly vaguer version. 

and finally...

If you practise these goal monitoring tips you'll be a step closer to becoming an excellent goal setter, finding the sweet spot to creating your own motivation in any situation.  

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