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-   James Stevenson (MSc, IEA) - Coach and Psychologist

New Year, New You: Unveiling the Challenges of New Year's Resolution

Welcome to the Resolution Revolution at, a series of events that help you stick to your resolutions. 

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Eat healthy? Get fit? Become strong? Exercise more? Lose weight?

There is not much better than vitality! to feel fresh and alive and energetic and have a skip in your step! This kind of inner health feels so good! This is wellness and you can build it!

If only it was easier...

So much temptation around every corner, and the stresses of just having to crack on with stuff everyday can make it hard to find the time and energy to make the lifestyle changes that make the difference. 

From Purchase to Procrastination: The Challenge of Turning Resolutions into Actions

How many of those tubs of Celebrations or Heroes did you get through at Christmas? I’ll keep my own answer to myself, I think 😉 

A month or two from now, will you be one of the many who have forked out on gym membership but can’t seem to muster the energy to go?

Sadly, there’s more to keeping resolutions than just buying stuff (I do sometimes wish it was that easy).

Goethe - In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm. In the real world all rests on perseverance quote

Facing the Challenge: When Real Changes Feel Anything But Easy

It can be the simplest things that hold us back... a friend or partner asking “Fancy Pizza tonight?”.. Just missing the speedy next episode timer on Prime or Netflix...

Basically, making real changes is just not easy! 

Well, here we are again… that magical time of year when many will give up on their New Year's Resolutions... but, this year could be very different!

We created Resolution Revolution events for this precise reason.

Why we created Resolution Revolution

The details matter, your inner dialogue matters, your environment matters, so much matters that isn’t included in the gym membership package and doesn’t come with your chocolate flavoured protein powder (what is sucralose anyway? Is it really healthy?).

Essentially you matter. You, your life, your thoughts, your situation, your friends. This is what we focus on at the Resolution Revolution. Could this be the year that you give attention to the things that matter most and make the progress your heart desires?

How you reach your New Year’s Resolutions with us

  • The Science of Coaching Psychology in Group Dialogue Event Format: These events are organised by a coaching psychologist (MSc) and an experienced and accredited positive psychology coach. You participate in multiple specially crafted small group dialogues with other people in the same boat. By listening, sharing, learning, connecting ideas, you become inspired, determined, and gain the power of awareness, making you ready to take on the many obstacles that stand between you and serious New Year’s Resolution success.

Coaching psychology is a field that combines principles of psychology with coaching techniques to enhance individual and organizational performance. It focuses on helping individuals set and achieve personal or professional goals, overcome challenges, and improve overall well-being. The goal of coaching psychology is to empower individuals to unlock their potential, develop their skills, and maximize their effectiveness in various aspects of life.

  • Capture insights together – We use some of the latest tech to further support this process. You can doodle as a group, jots down key thoughts, draw if you like, anything really. Let your creative self-flow. When everyone does this, and the combination of everyone’s creativity is seen as a larger group, this is where the magic happens.
Conceptboard image
  • Co-create Word Clouds as a group – In between mini-discussions, everyone will be asked questions via a Mentimeter presentation. You go to a site, answer questions anonymously, and the emerging group wisdom is viewed live in the form of a word cloud before moving on to the next session. Exciting!
  • Benefit from Networking opportunities: Moreover, you get to connect with people going for similar things. Maybe make a few friends and support each other going forward. This is certainly our wish!

Why attend

After you’ve attended this event, you’ll be more prepared for so many of the tricky little dynamics that hold you back. This will make taking action happen more easily so you’ll be able to build momentum and keep it going.

Are you ready for the event that is at the forefront of science in coaching, motivation, and goal setting? Are you ready to learn, connect, and then leave feeling confident and determined? Just come along, be yourself, and enjoy the experience.

How to Get Involved

New dates will be announced soon 

Let's Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet!

The Resolution Revolution is a movement towards a better, more fulfilling life. It's an interactive, engaging, and inspirational gathering of likeminded people. Join us in making this year a year of success, self-discovery, and memorable accomplishments!

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