Nice Variety of Goal setting templates!

Are you looking for some different goal setting templates to write your goals on to? 

Goal setting templates can be anything really. The variety is as endless as your imagination...

Below you'll find:

  1. Your top three goals - to go through your main 3 goals in some detail
  2. Smart goal template for making sure your goal is SMART
  3. Pocket-sized daily goal cards (credit card size)
  4. A lifetime goal list sheet (A4)

You can download all these goal setting templates below. 

1. Your top three goals template

Click here to for how to download the printable PDF file for the worksheet above.

Use this worksheet to choose the 3 goals that feel like the most important to you at the moment and plan action steps in that direction. 

There is something powerful about choice. Feel free to be flexible in what "short-term" means. If I were to make a tentative suggestion, I'd say perhaps 3 months but it really depends on you.

If you've used the "this years goal worksheet" already it can be helpful to have that handy while filling out this one. This is because you will probably be choosing from your goals for the year when you select the 3 areas you most want to work on right now.

2. Smart goal setting template

If you want a template that walks you through SMART goal setting making sure each goal you set is SMART then you can use some smart goals templates here.

3. Pocket-sized daily goal cards

Click here to check out some daily goal cards. These handy little cards will fit in your wallet or pocket. An A4 page is 8 little cards. It's the old website name on there but it's all good :-)

Do you use to-do lists? To create lists of stuff you want to get done right now? These little cards are like you're upgrading from post-it note to an 'executive to-do list' and you may just see a difference in the action you take.

4. Lifetime goal list

A (very) simple template with 100 spaces to write in your 100 top goals that you wish to achieve in your lifetime. This is the equivalent to your bucket list.A list of your dreams and hopes. 

As you progress in each of your goals and grow you can always go back to it and find new directions.

Try and get at least 20 down as quick as possible thinking with your heart and not your head. You can always change it later.

All areas of your life; love, home, work, travel, training, learning, education, possessions, health, self-development, friendships. Don't ask yourself, is this possible? Simply, is this something I really want? If the answer is yes, add it to the list. Worry about the how later. 

After you have a substantial list go through each one and choose a time frame of 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20 or more years. Then choose your top 5 one year goals and get started.   

Download your free copy here.

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I hope these resources serve to support you in achieving your goals, whatever they may be!

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