Nice Variety of Professional Looking Goal setting templates!

-   James Stevenson, EMCC Accredited Coach, Applied Positive Psychologist and Coaching Psychologist -

Are you looking for some high quality goal setting templates for yourself or your project or team?

Below are 7 different Goal setting templates that can be used in a variety of ways to fit your various projects and uses.

All of these goal setting templates are based on my goal setting worksheets, but with all instructions and headings blank giving you flexibility to use it in a way that suits you or your project.

For example, you may prefer to use unique language that suits your country or age group. I know many of my customers like to make small changes and tweaks to make it even more uniquely fit their situations.

Those that use my goal setting worksheets range from coaches, teachers, universities, managers, leaders, small business owners, project leaders, counsellors, health centres, and motivated individuals...

Below you'll find the following templates:

You can download all these goal setting templates in PDF for free below by clicking on the large images. 

Goals template 1 - List of 30, then choose 3 of them. and 6 for each of the 3.

Taken from the long term dreams - short term goals worksheet, this template was originally used to write down 30 future dreams and then select some goals and action steps, but as a blank template you can use it however you feel would be most helpful. 

Some ideas include: 

  1. 30 people you're most connected to and goals and steps to support them
  2. 30 Actions related to a short term goal and the top 3 next best steps broken down into micro-steps
  3. 30 of your past victories or successes (small is ok!), 3 goals and which for your past victories are most relevant and can be harnessed. 
  4. 30 things that people have praised you for (you could ask people as an activity to see what they feel are your strengths), 3 that you'd like to do more of, and 6 different actions that use it. 
  5. 30 self-care (self soothing, self-kindness, enjoyment, excitement) ideas, then select the first 3 you'd like to try and details of when, how, who with, where etc

As you can see the uses are endless, like your imagination. Recipes, travel, engagement, books... I'd love to know how you use this template if you have time to share below. 

Goals template 2 - Choose 3 of something, then 5 and 6 related things for each.

This template is the 3 goals worksheet with the details, titles, and questions removed. With this template you can focus in on three things...

These might be: 

  1. the three things that currently matter most to you in the world
  2. long term dreams
  3. short term goals 
  4. 3 new actions
  5. your top 3 strengths 
  6. Your most underused strengths 
  7. past victories 
  8. Things you're most proud of 
  9. Examples of you at your best 
  10. People you most admire
  11. Obstacles most holding you back 
  12. Most impactful changes in behaviour 

You can then, use the spaces starting 1-6 and 1-5 in any way you want:

  1. break it down into smaller actions asking what comes first
  2. Zone out asking, what's this all about. What makes this meaningful?
  3. Ways in which you can support yourself
  4. Things or people that support you
  5. Your relevant strengths 
  6. Your relevant past victories or experiences 
  7. People you can speak to 
  8. Things you can learn

There are multiple ways in which you can use this goal setting template. If you want any ideas feel free. 

Goals template 3 -  a table

This template was originally a worksheet to set goals in 7 areas of life on the left like social, learning, family, work etc... and time frames on the top. The goals would go in the middle. You could use it in this way and choose your own areas of life and lengths of time.

Or one of the ideas below might be appealing:

  1. Days of the week on left, Morning afternoon Evening on top, and goals in middle
  2. zone in on one area like work and choose 7 areas within work for the left column.
  3. Do the same for any other area. Family, love, friendships, study, learning, etc
  4. Goals on left, strengths on top. How you use them in middle. 
  5. What your grateful for on left, who helped on top, actions in middle
  6. People you value on left, time frames on top, and actions in middle
  7. Resources on left, top strengths on top, and action that use both in middle
  8. Past victories on left, time frames on top, and goals in middle 
  9. Things you're most proud of on top, time frames on left, and ideas in middle
  10. People you most admire on top, your strengths on left, and ideas in the middle

Goals template 4 - Select 10, choose two and four of something for each 

This goal setting template was originally the long term goals planning worksheet used to decide on 10 longer term wishes and choose significant dates and first steps. As an empty template though, you can use it in loads of different ways.

I've been contacted by universities, health centre's, social workers, small business owners, and care home managers who use these worksheets. The variety of people and uses makes this template version potentially useful.

If you're looking for a few ways you could use this check out the list below to see if it stirs any ideas relevant to your particular situation:

The 10 spaces on the left, the groups of 4 on the right, and the two boxes in the middle, could be:

  1. Target Dates
  2. Long term Goals
  3. Short term goals
  4. Baby Steps
  5. Ideas
  6. Past victories
  7. Character Strengths 
  8. Resources 
  9. People
  10. Things to learn

I'm sure you can think of at least another 10 things that would be helpful to think through in relation to your goals. 

Goal setting template 5 - 1 Box and 5 connected boxes 

Another useful variation in style, this template was originally the yearly goals worksheet used at the beginning of the year. It had space for your motto for this year and your 5 main goals along with a breakdown of 5 steps for each, and a tick when done option. You can use it in this way if you wish, or mix it up. 

If you're looking for other uses, how about the following?

  1. Mission Statement plus Long term Goals and first steps
  2. Strengths and Resources plus related long term goals
  3. Strengths and Resources plus related short term goals
  4. Role model plus goals and actions
  5. One short term goal plus a variety of things that can support you

Things that support you might be any of the following and more:

  1. People
  2. Past learning 
  3. Past victories
  4. Role models
  5. Strengths
  6. Resources

I'd love to hear how you use this template either personally or in your project. 

Goal template 6 

This varied template has multiple spaces for different aspects and topics related to your project. This template with all the details and questions already added was the "my main goal" worksheet.

This included multiple areas that I use in my 1-2-1 coaching like, target date, how will you know when it's done, your strengths, possible obstacles and solutions, next best steps, and "what will be different" to create optimism. 

This template could be used for short term or long term goals.

Goal template 7

There are many parts to this goal setting template. You can also download this as a worksheet for working through a long term dream here. To download this template in PDF click on the image and it will open in a new window while you continue to browse. 

If you liked these, you might also like...

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  2. Use this weight loss goal chart to track your progress if you're goal is to lose some weight

I hope these resources serve to support you in achieving your goals, whatever they may be!

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James Stevenson is the owner of and a qualified and accredited wellbeing and philosophy coach.

He works with clients in an patient, understanding and creative way to help them apply great philosophical ideas and psychological scientific findings so they can flourish in a way that leads to them also contributing to a better world.

The development of a strong sense of mattering and agency, alongside deep understanding of inner and outer obstacles give clients a powerful coaching experience. More about James here

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