About James: qualified and accredited trauma Aware Wellbeing coach That Can Help you in your Journey to Achievement

-   By James Stevenson  -

Thanks for your interest in wisegoals.com and me, James, it's owner. 

A bit about me... So I'm a trauma aware coach and positive psychologist. I studied goal setting and many other related topics in my Bachelors degree and in my Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. I've also been helping people with their goals for over a decade.

James Stevenson (Owner of WiseGoals.com)

I use my expertise and experience to help you move forward. I work with a wide variety of people but have a special interest in supporting those where trauma plays a significant role in navigating the path of personal growth and achievement. 

How my experience and qualifications support you 

I first studied goal setting in depth over 20 years ago during my sport and exercise science degree. My essay on goal setting was my highest grade and the highest grade in my year. My interest in goal psychology led to years of personal exploration and practice. 

Goal setting was a major part of my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. The popular GROW coaching model (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) is centred around goals (Whitmore, 2009). The very purpose of the GROW model is to facilitate growth and achievement of your goal. My writing and my coaching are guided by this model and lots of other relevant science and supports your chances of setting goals and progressing in a way that leads to achievement. It also considers your wellbeing in this journey.

Positive Psychology is full of science and research which supports your achievement and goal progress. There is too much to mention here but a few clear examples are:

  1. Seligman's (2011) PERMA model of wellbeing (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement) which places goal setting and achievement within a broader framework. 
  2. Deci and Ryan's (2000) Self-determination theory and it's relation to goals - Related in part to where your goal comes from... within? or without? and the differences for you.
  3. Hope theory (2002) by Synder - which explores the power of multiple pathways in goal progress. 
  4. Character Strengths work by Peterson and Seligman (2004) - Which strengths when underused or overused are important in your goal journey?
  5. Self-efficacy and goals - Bandura's original theory (1977) of motivation is closely linked to goals and achievement. 

I stay up to date with the most current research and continually develop myself so I can be of most service to my clients and readers. 

How my approach as a coach and a writer helps you move forward

My coaching approach used throughout my writing is applicable whether you want to create changes at work, in your career, in your health, or in your relationships. This is because it's based on expertise in the psychology of goals and motivation and human beings, which is equally effective in a variety of situations. Of course I'm happy to offer my personal experiences, where relevant, as well.

Your development and achievement is my purpose. I use everything at my disposal to make that happen. One step at a time. 

If you are curious, brave, and committed to growing personally and professionally, then this may be the place for you. 

I believe in helping you build your strengths and self esteem. With my curiosity and asking the right questions, I trust you to find what you're looking for within.

You're stretched, compassionately, toward greater self-awareness, finding new and different perspectives, and with a better understand of what's happening, you're able to find greater energy and motivation and move forward.

I support you to identify, investigate, and overcome barriers such as fear and lack of confidence that prevent you from making the necessary changes to reach your potential. I guide you to understand what is important to you and what supports you in creating a fulfilling life where you can flourish. I apply this in both my writing, my on-line coaching, and my in-person work.

Your topic and goals come from you. My approach harnesses the power of coaching psychology and positive psychology accumulated over many years and is focused on achieving the results that you want, not what I or others may want for you! 

How I developed my ability to nurture your success and wellbeing

My journey with positive psychology and coaching began when I found a book called "Flourish" by Martin Seligman (2011), the founder of positive psychology. His aim is for 51% of the world to be flourishing by 2051. This has become a part of my purpose. I was always interested in developing myself but never had I seen such a practical and clear approach as in this book. I read it over 10 times. 

I fell in love with the idea of an applied positive psychology that focuses on happiness, positive emotions, better relationships, more meaning, and achievement... and this wasn't a self-help book (I have nothing against self-help books)... it was a highly scientific, research-heavy approach. As of 2013, there were over 18,000 scientific articles published in positive psychology (Rusk and Waters, 2013).

I'd had years of helpful counselling to help navigate challenges. Discovering positive psychology marked the beginning of an exciting new phase of growth for me... One in which, while still honouring and accepting the negative feelings that arise, I gradually added multiple positive practises.

I wanted to be able to best support others to find their own positive way forward using everything I learnt and my reading brought me to the wonderful world of coaching... I read and practised for years the ever-deepening art of supporting others to reveal their strength and motivation. My coaching mentors include Christian van-Nieuwerburgh who I studied under, Myles Downey, Nancy Kline, and Jenny Rodgers. I went on to read more broadly and find the only Masters degree in the world to combine the psychology of coaching and positive psychology. 

I'm now qualified and accredited and am running my own coaching practice. I'm continually blown away by the magic of what's possible over time through one to one conversations with the powerful use of multiple skills, theories, tools and my coaching way of being. 

Testimonials from a few people I've worked with

"James’ calm and kind approach combined with an ability to listen deeply and ask insightful questions makes for an enjoyable and powerful coaching experience. James’ coaching has helped me to successfully reach my career goal and also goals that emerged through coaching in different areas of my life, including well-being goals. I have no hesitation in recommending James and I am very grateful that he is my coach" - Paul - COO in Education Sector

"James’ caring, attentive, focused, and listening way of being in the moment has enabled me to have fun, laugh, relax, and experience novel sides within me at the same time as discovering sensitive and vulnerable parts of myself. As a human and as a coach James has provided me space to uncover new potentials within me and break through unhelpful patterns. I am now pursuing my lifelong dream as a professional sportsperson and am off to a flying start” - Sandra-  Boxer and Business Owner

I really enjoyed my coaching journey with James. He was very professional, and asked interesting questions allowing me to unlock my vision of what I really want. James helped me to focus on solutions so I could get closer to my goals with each session. He is also a very nice person with a warm and compassionate approach. I finally made the move to working for myself in my dream role and now have more clients than I know what to do with. Highly recommend him as a coach! - Fabio - Health and Fitness Sector

James made me feel very safe and comfortable and able to reflect on some deep questions during a time of loss. He gently guided me, over time, to focus on some things that were important to me and the reasons I wanted to pursue them. James has a warm, caring approach that let me explore my feelings. I found him to be an excellent listener and gentle in his way of guiding our sessions. I found the perfect role for me and have also developed my side-business to be more profitable. Very grateful. - Bonnie - Youth and Education Sector 

Last Updated: 05/06/2022


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James Stevenson is the owner of WiseGoals.com. Living in the UK, but also working internationally on-line, James is also a highly qualified, experienced, and accredited trauma-aware wellbeing coach at TraumaAwareCoaching.co.uk. He works with clients in a future focused and solution orientated way by exploring what the good life or a flourishing life might look like for them. Harnessing that motivation, obstacles that come with trauma like the toxic inner critic, self-blaming, self-judgement, fear and avoidance, anxiety, depression, and intense and confusing emotions are worked through. More about James here

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