Diet and Fitness Goal setting: Get these two key things right and see real results!

Have you determined to get fit? To do whatever it takes? You'll defo succeed in your diet and fitness goals if you get to grips with the art of goal setting

Apply these diet and fitness goal setting tips and you'll lose weight and improve your fitness. That's my 100% promise to you. And you'll be able to do so relatively stress-free...

Dieting and fitness has to be the toughest area in goal setting! You've been up and down. Backwards and forwards. You've given up and restarted... you've lost count how many times!

You'll find 2 tips below that'll help you get fitter and eat better than ever.

  1. The art of taking small steps
  2. Striking a balance of challenge and being kind to yourself

But first... One of my many epic diet and fitness goal setting battles: yummy scrummy chocolate!

Can I share a little bit about my fight with chocolate? I'm a full blown chocoholic!

Most people get cute nicknames like "buttercup" or "love muffin" with their partners. I was "cookie monster"!

I've lost count how many times I've gone to the supermarket and filled an entire plastic bag with junk and eaten every last bit in a few hours.

Without setting goals, I go off-piste and before I know it I'm looking at the chubby man in the photograph of me asking, Is that really me? Yep, it's you Chubbo. Time to set a goal again. 

I've become a regular goal-setter now. I may go off track but I can be confident that if chubby James comes back he won't be back for long. Because If he does, I have the tools to sort it out.

Tip 1: The art of making small purposeful steps

When it comes to the HUGE industry of diet and fitness there are literally thousands of things you can do! And a thousands products you can buy!

This may make you worry about which action is best to take...

Continue. To advance. In some way. Each day.

Instead of worrying you are better off focusing on being a person of action... Taking small steps in the direction you know and feel is right regardless of the noise around you.

Making one improvement and sticking to it. This is how you'll eventually reach your goals.

The fact is... that almost all of the 1,000,000 logical steps in the right direction will benefit you if you can persevere. 

Tip 2: Be patient with yourself and give yourself credit for challenging yourself regardless of the outcome

I think in diet and fitness goal setting in particular it's important not to become obsessed with quick results.

This impatience can cause you to start questioning all the great efforts you're making... 

Patient strong grounded un-moved efforts breaking through

All actions lead to some result or other.This is a fact. You're desired result may not be apparent immediately but will without a doubt become apparent at some point if you don't stop.

It's important for you to trust in the actions you are taking. Rather than you doubting, wouldn't it be better to continue and maybe add one more positive action?

A beautiful and poetic quote I heard describes this as follows: "The journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining, how can you admire the moon over the capital?" 

What new action and new mistake will you enjoy today?

Sometimes It's hard to know how close you are to seeing results... aren't you better off being patient and persistent? 

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