How to concentrate on your goal without stressing

Finding it difficult to concentrate on your goal?
If you constantly get distracted and struggle to maintain focus in your goal setting here are a few tips to help you stay focused

Learning to concentrate on your goal consistently is a simple step you can make now leading to great personal victories in the future.

Here is what you will find below:

  1. The fewer goals you focus on in the shorter term, the more focus you can give to those goals. 
  2. Get at least one friend involved.
  3. Act on your own compelling vision. 
  4. Bypass distractions. Learn to say NO to even your closest friends.

Focusing on just one or two short term goals at a time or perhaps even none at all

If you're the kind of person who thrives under immediate pressure or you have the kind of character that does nothing without a deadline then part of my prescription for you is short-term pushes or goals.

On a daily basis you should set goals. Do 20 of whatever exercises you do. Eat 3 of whatever food you want to eat...

You should also have goals for week or two weeks. By pushing yourself in this way you'll get more done.

However, if you are the kind of person who doesn't particularly like pressure... Or your circumstances at the moment mean pressure is not a good fit for you then just one little goal or even no short-term goals whatsoever might be more valuable.

For you, it may be preferable to focus on the long term. This way there is an invisible directional pull without any of the immediate stress. 

Set goals with one or two of your friends

Motivation is a fascinating thing. Over the course of a single football match you can see it come and go many times within players and teams.

A goal by the opposite team can suddenly raise the motivation of the team going behind as the urgency of the situation and what is required comes sharply into view. 

One key to your achievement is setting yourself up for victory at the beginning.

To concentrate on your goal without regressing the way you set yourself up is vital. 

If you have a friend who is also setting a goal, especially if the goal is the same/similar you can create a great source of motivation that can last a lifetime!

Suddenly you are not only doing it for you but also for your friend!

I often hear of people quitting smoking this way. Also, you can activate a competitive power here as well. If your friend can do it, so can you!

Competition in something positive like goal achievement is a great thing.

Having clarity and conviction

A important question in goal setting is how serious are you about this goal? How much do you really want it?

Does this goal really mean something to you? When you are confident the answer is a LOUD and PROUD YES! You will be able to concentrate on your goal more effectively. 

Is there a genuine powerful desire to get this? Sometimes you may often just adopt weight goals or health goals that sound nice but in reality you couldn't care less about it. 

You do it perhaps because everyone else is. Or because you keep getting nagged by some annoying person. It's better that you set goals that you know deep down you genuinely want.

What to do about life getting in the way

Life these days can be super stressful. Potential Influences that can cause you to procrastinate are everywhere.

It's certainly easier to do nothing and make excuses than make steady effort towards your dreams.

The thing is, stuff always gets in the way. Your local pub is always round the corner. You always have something going on. Somewhere to go out. Invites to this and that.

While keeping a healthy balance of fun, friends, and your personal dreams, you have to learn to turn people down. If they are real friends, they will understand that your dreams mean a lot to you. Hell! They should support you! 

When you are able to apply just one of these tips you will be able to far better concentrate on your goal and start moving towards the life you dream of.

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