weight loss goal calculator

Free and easy to use weight loss goal calculator

A weight loss goal calculator can be a great way to decide on our weight loss goals. We can find out if our speed of progress feels right, and it can make the whole thing feel a bit more possible when we break it down and see what it means in terms of each day. 

Below you'll find 4 helpful tips followed by the actual calculator at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

A few helpful tips from my experience

1. Congratulate yourself for trying

It really is a big step.... to try  A big thing. To go from the stages of pre-contemplation to contemplation, to action takes courage. It's important this doesn't go unrecognised. 

Many go years, even decades, without trying because it's easier to do nothing. It's easier to accept whatever happens to us even when it can harm us in many ways.

2. Try not to be too hard on yourself when things don't go to plan 

If you can do that, and keep restarting, you'll get there eventually. 

Many prefer to not try because it means coming out of a comfort zone. Being out of the comfort zone means difficult days, steps forwards, but also steps backwards.

The great drama of change is not without difficulty. If you can remember steps backwards are inevitable, because we are human, and aim for slightly more steps forwards than backwards, you'll achieve great things. It's all about how you progress! You can do it!

3. Don't try too much too soon

I say this tentatively....

I'm aware that you have no doubt heard it... many times! But to not mention it is careless. Steady gradual harmonious progress is wise progress.  Trying to do everything quickly... and I've made this mistake so so many times! Is not wise and does not last! It's just one of those annoying facts of life.

4. Take the time to celebrate milestones wisely

Celebrate each milestone in a way that feels appropriate. Remember, there are a thousand ways to celebrate. A party, a fist pump, a shirt over the head, a boogie... The options are endless...

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