Squad Goals

What are Squad Goals?

So what exactly are Squad goals? You know when you have a group of friends you do everything with? When your particular group of friends are tight, unbreakable? For whatever reason that may be?

When you have a group of friend like this you are a squad.

What is at the heart of this bond?

What does your squad aspire to be like or to be seen as?

The answer to the above questions gives us our #squadgoals.

I had a little look in the urban dictionary of made up words just to make sure and sure enough and I found the following definition...

(skwäd/ɡōl) (noun): an inspirational term for what you’d like your group of friends to be or accomplish. 

Our goals as a squad are dependent on the combined characters, personalities, and the general vibe of the members. Whatever we are most proud of as a group. Whatever it is we feel makes us unique.

This is our original, one of a kind, goal or ideal. Perhaps we feel we are the epitome of fun and care-freeness? Or we consider ourselves the ultimate in geek-chic? Or are we the perfect example of a group of friends that is quirky and creative?

Whatever the vibe you find yourself smiling about in bed at night when you think of your friends, a photo that captures this vibe with the usual hashtag is what we are looking for.

Age is no object 

lady's who know how to have a good time and a good laugh.

Neither is species!!!

Perhaps love for a certain shared passion may be the thing that combines your team. Well, that or maybe just pure nuttyness.

The crazy squad

The beach is a popular habitat of el squad. Squads of this variety often exhibit energy, exuberance, and general all-round coolness.

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boys will be boys by Davidlohr Bueso. Attribution 2.0 Generic. 

Govanhill photoshoot by The Arches. Attribution 2.0 Generic. 

Teletubbies by Stevie Rocco. Attribution 2.0 Generic. 

True Friends by Leland Francisco. Attribution 2.0 Generic.