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Smart goal checker

The smart goals template has simple instructions and pointers to help you check if your goal is SMART and will enable you to make your goal SMART in a few short minutes. You can download the JPG below and get started right away.

A few points to help you get the most out of this worksheet:

  1. A goal that is measurable motivates. We need to know when we are far away, when we are close, and when are completed. Let's make sure we can measure and count our progress.
  2. Attainable doesn't really paint the whole picture. Attainable we want, but super easy we do not want. Reasonably challenging and possible. Something that stretches us but isn't unrealistic is what we are going for.
  3. The most frightening part for us is often setting a date. Take the leap and do it. An impending date brings out our creativity and motivation without us even trying.

Making our goals SMART has been proven time and time again in multiple industries to be significantly better than goals that are not SMART. A non-smart goal is a vague wish that hopefully will happen someday. It doesn't move us to action consistently. Consistent action is the only way to achieve anything.

A SMART goal is a powerful and clear-cut determination to take action towards a specific objective. A vague wish is weak, a proper goal is powerful. One will leave us feeling dis-empowered and lacklustre, and one empowered and driven.

Getting this first step right is vital! This fits in with the age old advice to begin with the end in mind, or to determine to win from the beginning and then work backwards from that point. 

A blank copy of the template above can be downloaded here for free. 

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