Super easy to use Smart Goal setting templates

Be guided through the process of making your goals S.M.A.R.T in minutes!

The smart goal setting templates below have simple instructions and pointers to help you check if your goal is SMART and will enable you to make your goal SMART in a few short minutes. You can download the JPG below and get started right away.

Smart goal checker

A blank copy of the smart template above can be downloaded here.

A few pointers to help you get the most out of these smart goal setting templates

  • Choosing a goal that is measurable will often create extra motivation in you. When you can sense how far away you are... if you know when you're getting closer... it can stir your spirit.
  • The word "attainable" doesn't really paint the whole picture. Uniquely matched to your current capacity would be a better expression but sadly "SMURT" isn't a word. Not last time I checked anyway ;-)
  • The most frightening part of setting smart goals, and a part that CAN be skipped, is setting a date. Whether you decide to do this is a very personal thing. An impending date can bring out your motivation without you even trying. However it can also cause you to stress and limit you. If creative thinking is required, a tight deadline can actually be harmful. 

The research suggests that for short term goals and largely effort-based tasks timed goals work. But even that depends on many individual characteristics. For longer term goals like 3 years from now, stating a target year is on average more effective than "someday". Really it's a great skill to learn. Which type of goal to set when. 

The SMART elements if used incorrectly may cause you to feel dis-empowered and lacklustre, but when used correctly, you'll feel more empowerment and drive.

For loads more great smart goal templates check out this pinterest page. 

Getting this first step right is vital!

Begin with the end in mind!

Determine to win from the beginning and then work backwards from that point!

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