Quotes about goals: What better to give you an extra boost in your goal setting

-   By James Stevenson   -

Nothing like an inspirational quote to spark some hope and motivation. My favourite quotes about goals are below...

The quotes about goals here will leave you inspired and ready to challenge yourself...

What is the winning attitude in goal setting? What incredible benefits will come our way? What is the wisest perspective to have? What is the purpose of setting goals? 

The quotes below are from some of the most inspirational people that have ever lived and will answer these questions and more and move you to create your destiny.

Quotes about goals that'll motivate you to move forwards

How about choosing one of your favourite goal setting quotes from the selection below and doing something with it that makes it a significant part of your month? Or maybe sharing it with a friend and potentially manifesting a new goal setting buddy to encourage each other going forwards...

Daisaku Ikeda quote about goal settingSays it all! This is the heart of goal setting

The words that jump out at me here are "continually" and "steadily", and "one step at a time". Which words are most hitting home with you?

Earl Nightingale quote about goalsThe key is to decide for ourselves

The idea of "the goal we've established for ourselves" and "work we enjoy" are especially striking me. It's so easy to adopt common goals. When your goal comes from within it's significantly more powerful. 

Einstein quote about tying life to a goalIs your life tied to a goal?

Interesting one... this idea of working towards a great purpose comes up again and again with multiple inspirational leaders. 

Zig Ziglar on setting goals

It's so true! That little voice inside starts encouraging you all by itself.

Bruce Lee on purpose of setting a goalKnowing the purpose of a goal can free up increased frequency and effectiveness of goal setting - Thanks Bruce

Probably the most important thing to remember again and again if you have some hesitation about setting goals or if you're worried about disappointment.

Richard Branson on aiming highLong term goals can give purpose and vision

Richard certainly aimed high. It takes a moment of courage to do this. If you're thinking about aiming high how about using the worksheet below.

Goal setting worksheet

You can download the printable high-quality PDF for the worksheet above here.

Amelia Earhart quoteDo it by setting a goal today!

A reminder to just get started. This reminds me of something I often say to myself when I'm feeling stuck... "What's the smallest step forwards I can take? How about just doing that and seeing. If you want to stop there it's all good".

Napolean Hill quoteUsing a goal to create something from your current situation

Some of my most significant victories came from deciding to challenge myself and win in circumstances I really didn't want to be in. That decision then led to opportunity that never could've happened otherwise. How about you?

Daisaku Ikeda quote on fulfilmentOne of my absolute favourites! Encapsulates the essence of goal setting

Here for me it's all about "daring to challenge difficulties" and "seeing it through to completion". Sometimes in the middle of our goal journey life can throw as not just a shit sandwich but a whole shit feast! Storms can come from seemingly no-where. The grit to continue and see it through can't be overestimated.

Aristotle on habitsand continued goal setting helps create and settle new habits

Hmmm... interesting one. This makes me want to reflect on what beneficial settled habits I've created over the years and how they've benefited me. Also what the beginning looked like... and what the stages from start to established looked like.

and finally...

I hope you enjoyed the quotes about goals above!

What was your favourite quote?

or perhaps your top 3 quotes? 

If you had a moment of motivation or inspiration how might you carry that quote with you as you continue your journey towards manifesting your dreams?

What ideas do you have for turning your moment or inspiration into behavioural change?

Do you have a favourite goal setting quote that you'd like to share below?

If you're feeling inspired and are ready to get your goals down on paper check out this printable goal setting worksheet to make the process nice and easy!

Main goal now worksheet

You can download this high quality printable PDF for this worksheet here.

Best wishes in your goal setting journey!

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James Stevenson is the owner of WiseGoals.com. Living in the UK, but also working internationally on-line, James is also a highly qualified, experienced, and accredited trauma-aware wellbeing coach at TraumaAwareCoaching.co.uk. He works with clients in a future focused and solution orientated way by exploring what the good life or a flourishing life might look like for them. Harnessing that motivation, obstacles that come with trauma like the toxic inner critic, self-blaming, self-judgement, fear and avoidance, anxiety, depression, and intense and confusing emotions are worked through. More about James here

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