Motivation and Goal Setting

What is the link between motivation and goal setting?

Motivation and goal setting are inseparable. If you read this information and understand the link you will leave with the secret to creating motivation where there is none. One of the secrets of limitless advance. 

How is your painting coming along? How will it look 10 years from now?

I often hear that this person or that person is highly motivated but this isn't how motivation and goal setting necessarily work

Motivation is not only part of a personality where some people have it and others don't. Goal setting is called a motivational theory. It has been proven that no matter who sets the goal, they become more motivated.

The better goal they set, the more motivation is created. Hence the purpose of this website; to bring goal setting to all people. To bring the innate motivation that exists in all people to the fore.

Why do only 5% of the world set goals?

So why is there this prevailing idea that only motivated people set goals, and if a person is not motivated then goal setting isn't for them? This certainly isn't the case.

An interesting part of the truth is that those who don't set goals are closer than they think to being goal setters. This is because goals are already at play in every persons life. They may not have written them down using the SMART model, they may not have clearly set them out but all people have goals.

Quite often you can hear peoples goals in everyday conversation. Any sentence that begins I want to, or even I'd like to is a kind of goal. Even at that stage it acts as a drive, albeit a very weak one.

Some goals aren't even spoken and we just think about them over and over in our heads like, "Aww man I wish I could do this and I wish I could do that".

The reality of the matter is that 100% of people have goals, but only 5% of people know how to make the most of them by setting them. 

Also part of the truth is that many people do just fine without it. Of course I would argue that although they do fine, they could do ever better.

Plus, this isn't the case for everybody. Just the other day I had a 30 minute conversation with a homeless man and he had plenty of things he wanted; he wanted to stop drinking and smoking, he wanted to stop spending time with bad influences.

This is a good start but unfortunately his drive or motivation was lacking and sadly I couldn't imagine him ever making progress in this.

Can we keep going? Steadily, Solidly?

There are perhaps many reasons for this and one is simply because his goal wasn't and has never been concretely set. He hadn't decided on the details yet so his goal had no power.

He hadn't set a clear date and quantified it so his motivation never arose and his vague wish remained unfulfilled.

Putting it another way, 95% of the population are just currently not very good with their goals. They have things they want but are afraid to set a date perhaps. 

Or maybe the 95% just don't know how valuable setting the details is as they have never done it before. Maybe the stressful high pressure life we live these days puts people off the idea. I can certainly understand how this could be the case. 

So all people have things they want but they are yet to be clearly defined or set. Which sadly means that there is a lot of untapped motivation and empowerment out there waiting to be brought out.

Please begin to tap your motivation and potential today starting a chain reaction of empowerment. Motivation and goal setting is free for all, and doesn't everyone want to feel motivated?

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