3 mind power techniques that never get boring! 

Check this out! So cool! 3 quick experiments you can try now. A little taster of what your mind can do...  

The mind can be fascinating can't it... Look at these mind power techniques. They don't take a lot of time to do... and they're really easy to try. 

Tell me... have you had any experiences of your mind, your thoughts, your expectation... influencing reality? I bet you have... It's so interesting... that connection between the mind and things that happen.

You up for trying one? Alrighty, let's give it a go!

  1. Manipulating the field of infinite possibilities through expectation
  2. Seeing the energy field move with your different thoughts experiment
  3. Power creating meditation using a mandala

1. Mind Power Techniques - Manipulating the field of infinite possibilities through expectation

These mind power techniques can be tested straight away, easily, and by anyone. Even without any skill they work. You may find this hard to believe... Or maybe you're already well aware...

Expecting something good to happen, building and accumulating that power of expectation within, over time, towards a specific time bizarrely leads to something completely unexpected happening. Don't take my word for it...

Try this out yourself: 

You're gonna expect a nice surprise to happen say... 48 hours from now. If it's 4.43pm now then write that down as your start time with today's date. Something cool is going to happen 2 days from now at 4.43pm. Excited? Not yet? No worries...

You're gonna give yourself 2 whole days so you can feel the momentum and power of your expectation building and growing. You don't need to think of it every second of every day (which is surely impossible anyway). And...

There's really not much more to it. You simply tell yourself every time you remember "Something good is going to happen in two days... cool", and as the date gets closer you'll find yourself thinking it more and more. You may become intrigued... "what's it gonna be I wonder? Where is it gonna come from? Could it be A? or B? or maybe C?" 

Then as the time get's closer your heart beat may beat a little faster... "Just one hour to go! What on EARTH is it gonna be? What am I talking about nothing is gonna happen. Wait... just keep expecting to the last minute or the technique isn't tested properly!" 

Let me know in the comments below how it went for you :-)

2. Mind Power Techniques - Seeing your thoughts move the energy field

This one is so so cool! And it only takes around 5 minutes to try IF you've got the stuff at home... You may feel a bit weird doing it. As with all mind power techniques this is kind of bizarre! But... stick with it! It's soooooo worth it!

You will need 2 wire hangers and 1 long straw. Got them? Great let's do this!

Untwist and unbend your hangers. Bend them into the shape of the letter capital "L". You'll be holding the shorter, bottom bit of the "L" with the long part sticking out in front of you.

Right, now cut your straw in half. These are your handles. Slide the short part of the wire hanger into the straws, one for each. You're almost there. One last thing... so the straws stay put do one more little bend in the short part of the hanger. maybe 1cm or so. Just enough to keep the straws in place. Now the fun bit!

Stand up with your "energy detectors" holding only the straw part. Look at a blank wall or some equivalent. The long ends will probably be swinging like mad left and right. Still your mind and in a minute or so your detectors will become still and both point forwards. 

Now you're ready to begin the experiment. 

You are going to think different thoughts and check the influence it has on the coat hangers. Do they swing inwards towards each other? Or do they swing outwards? You might want to try thinking of good things that happened to you and some painful things. Maybe you can try certain expressions you say to yourself. Try some harsh language where you belittle and criticise yourself. Then try the opposite. 

You get the idea... The results and implications I will leave for you to discover by yourself. They are fascinating.

3. Mind Power Techniques - Power Creating Meditation Using a Mandala

Mandala is directly translated as "circle". Words that more accurately describe the meaning in terms meditation might be completeness, wholeness,  self-unity, or you are everything, you have it all... just as you are.

Meditation is one of the worlds most well known mind power techniques. Of course, thousands of meditations are available. I've sampled quite a few. The most powerful I've experienced is as follows:

1. Find a place where you are comfortable. Maybe your bedroom or living room when no-one is around. Sit comfortably whatever that means for you. That may be cross legged for you, or it may be sitting on a chair. Take a moment to prepare yourself. Take a deep breath.

2. Let your eyes rest on something directly in front of you which won't affect your concentration. Which won't cause your mind to wonder. I mean there's already more than enough for our mind to wonder to without us sitting in front of a poster or a photo. A blank wall works well. Maybe you could stick a drawing pin in it and look at that, or perhaps just a mark on the wall. 

3. As you look at the wall, eyes open, say the 6-word mandala, pronouncing each word clearly as you can. A steady rhythm works well. The words of this mandala or mantra are not English but don't let that put you off. They are:

  • Nam  (pronounced like the nam in Vietnam)
  • Myo  (pronounced like one half of yo-yo with an M added)
  • Ho  (pronounced like the garden tool used for weeding "Hoe")
  • Ren  (pronounced likes the songbird "Wren") 
  • Ge  (pronounced like the word Get without the "t")
  • Kyo  (pronounced like half of yo-yo with a K in front)

As you meditate/focus on the sound of the words. If thoughts come in to your mind that's ok. Continue to focus on the words and the spot on the wall. You may want to try repeating this mandala for around 5 or 10 mins depending on what you feel like. Or maybe start by doing 1-2 mins and build from there.

Sometimes even saying it just once can reveal a lot of power/energy/tranquillity. Life tends to be so busy that being still in this way for even a minute might seem odd but stick with it. The power that can be experienced with this meditation is incredible.

You can hear an example here. Of course, you can use your own voice. You don't need to put on a voice. And you can go at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

That's it for now...

So there you have it! 3 mind power techniques that may leave you with more questions than answers!

  • The expectation experiment.
  • The watching your thoughts move energy experiment.
  • And the mandala meditation experiment.

Was your mind blown? Are you re-evaluating everything? Maybe these techniques could become your habits... Let me know how they went in the comments below, and also if you have any q's. Catch you later peeps!

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