Goal setting Visualisation

How to use goal setting visualisation

Goal setting visualisation is seeing and feeling what you want to happen, the result, in your mind’s eye. It is a process of preparing and readying your life for the outcome you desire.

Have you created a vision of some kind that is pulling you yet?

Focusing on the problems that stand in the way make the problems bigger and more insurmountable. Focusing on the dream however; on the incredible ideal of achievement, causes us to gravitate in that direction more and more until we actually get there.

The goal of visualisation

The goal of visualisation is to move the power from the problems, from our inability, from whatever we feel we are lacking, to where we want the power to be; with the big dream achievement vision and all the feelings associated with that. The positive uplifting power that comes with seeing and feeling victory within and without is a pull in the right direction.

How do we best use our lives? During our short time here?

Unsurprisingly top athletes use visualization — picturing themselves scoring the winning goal or curling the free-kick into the top corner.

Christiano Ronaldo has shared how he has always used visualisation throughout his career. Likewise many business leaders are known to use it.

So, how do we get started?

Visualisation can be done anywhere, and at any time. Simply bring your focus to your breathing. Focus entirely on each breath, in…………, out……………., in……………, out…………… Keep doing this until you feel at ease. Perhaps a minute or so should be enough.

Visually create your victorious situation, your achievement. Imagine the location, the people. Is there any background noise like wind, trees, birds.

All senses, the taste, the smell, the sound, bit by bit can be created. What do you hear? What words do you say? 

Ask yourself, what is the mental attitude of a victor in life?

No doubt you are filled with emotion! How do you feel? Can you feel it? How do others respond? 

Perhaps you feel pride, happiness, relief, disbelief. Whatever the emotion stay with them and the picture and situation as much as you can. Fully be the you in your minds eye, and enjoy that moment. Let your body feel that moment of success.

Once you’ve held your picture strongly for 2-10 minutes depending on where you are etc, let it fade gradually, and refocus on your breathing. Bring your focus away from the picture to your current environment, the sounds around you, your hands, your feet, the ground your standing on or the seat you are sitting on. 

You can use visualization to enhance your performance in an interview/presentation etc, develop a new habit, reduce fears, improve motivation towards goals. 

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