Goal Setting Steps

Simple goal setting steps that work

There are a few simple goal setting steps below that If you follow consistently can be very powerful and effective. Although simple, if you follow these 4 steps you are sure to make great progress towards your most treasured goals. 

1. Set some goals

Is your life tied to a virtuous goal?

So step one of my 4 simple goal setting steps is... Set some goals. 1 or 2 short term goals, that which is your most immediate problem or most obvious desire.

Follow the smart goal setting guide as closely as you can.

Any other goals you have, put them on your longer term list. A hint: Changing career is probably not likely to be a short term goal (achievable in 2/3/4 weeks). But completing some training might be.

Reading a book on the area you wish to move into might be. Arranging a meeting with an industry expert might be. Use the SMART technique so you set naturally motivating goals. 

2. Try to achieve your goal

A good goal will cause you to take some action that you wouldn't have taken if you didn't set the goal. 

When the goal date begins to get closer, if your goal is relevant, your efforts may suddenly intensify. 

Will power that may not be typical of you, suddenly appears. Each time this happens, the idea that I actually do have strong willpower develops. 

3. Adjust goals if necessary 

Is your road bumpy? Where is your bumpy road leading to?

While beginning to take action you may begin to think that the goal is not challenging enough or is unrealistic. I often adjust my goals, tweak my goal after I start.

For example, in one of my nutrition goals recently I began by writing down, 1 treat a week for a month. This means in terms of chocolate, cake, etc, I can only have one bar of chocolate or slice of cake per week.

Once I started I began thinking "I've been too strict on myself". Before setting this goal, I would often have 3 or 4 treats a day. So I changed my goal to 3 treats a week. More manageable.

I wanted to improve on before. But I didn't want to be so strict on myself that I begin to hate what I'm doing. This change worked well for me. Please adjust your goals in a way that works for you.

4. Reflect and re-set goals

Once the goal date is reached, whether you achieve the goal or not, reflect, write down lessons learnt, then re-set your goals.

Even if you feel you need a break from all this challenging yourself business still re-set your goals. Sometimes a break can be rewarding and valuable. BUT, decide how long your break will be and re-set your goals immediately, for example beginning in 2 weeks from now, and ending in 6 weeks from now. 

If you follow these 4 simple goal setting steps and continue the cycle, you will very naturally become an excellent goal setter. 

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