Goal Setting Made Easy for those who want to take action today

You want to set a goal. You don't want long complex explanations explaining the neuroscience of motivation?! It really can be quiet simple... 

Goal setting made easy is my attempt to help you easily and freely set goals without any pressure or worry whatsoever. After skimming through this page you will feel like the difficult task of setting a goal isn't quite as scary as you thought it was.

If you use your imagination to picture a cart with a really heavy load that is difficult to push. I would like to oil the wheels of the cart here so that you can push the heavy load without any difficulty at all. The heavy cart is your goals and dreams.

Here is the thing about goal setting for me. It is a really simple tool that anybody, absolutely anybody can use. It is not complex. and it is such a powerful habit!

Zig Ziglar Quote about motivationHave we created some motivation today? Will we tomorrow?

Unfortunately many people haven't found out yet that rather than a tool for motivated people, it is actually a tool to motivate the unmotivated. It is a tool for everyday people with everyday problems.

At the moment it seems to used primarily by sports stars, top business men, and other highly driven individuals.

The thing is, the setting of goals applies to all life's challenges and only takes a few minutes.

The magic begins once the goal is set

So here is how I hope goal setting made easy can work for you. Let's look at why it is so difficult to plant a seed when it is so easy to do.

Bruce Lee quote about goalsIn what direction are we heading?

Why is it that we find it difficult to decide or set our intention? What holds us back? Is it fear of not achieving the goal?

The embarrassment that could come from people around us pointing and laughing when this happens? Is it fear of committing? 

Is it the idea that committing to a goal will restrict our freedom in some way?

Maybe we are worried that there is no point as we simply can't do it. There is no point because we won't be able to put the effort in anyway? Do any of these sound familiar?

Well you are certainly not alone. 

Despite setting goals for years I still experience this trepidation before setting a new goal. I guess it's human nature. Becoming a person who sets goals requires a LEAP.

That LEAP is simply writing down the goal. Planting that seed. It takes a matter of minutes to do this and is a single action that can lead to many places. 

So forget about the what if's. If the goal is not achieved, so what! Nothing bad happens. The key to fulfilling your potential is to STOP over analysing and just try things. You have nothing to lose. You will never regret trying something that may lead towards your fulfilment, although you may well regret not trying in the first place.

My one big tip here: Try first. Then decide. 

This is goal setting made easy.

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