2 Clear Steps To establishing successful Employee Goal Setting 

No matter how many employees you have... you want your employees to be motivated and driven. Employee goal setting when done right can do the work for you!

Employee goal setting can really go either way. It can motivate. And it can dampen the spirits. Have you re-determined to get it just right?

Every single person has a unique task

Your employees are an enigma. On the surface they may seem to be happy and motivated. But often you discover over time that how they behave in your presence and when alone are two completely different things! 

You want them to be motivated for the 95% of the time when they are not in your presence! 

I present to you 2 fundamental principles to consider when using employee goal setting:

  1. They decide their own goals
  2. They benefit directly and fairly from the results

1. Have the employee set their own goals

It's good for you to share your goals with your employees. But, when it comes to their goals you need to let them decide. This is the first step.

Yeah it's quicker and easier for you to allocate goals to them... But without them buying in to it you are making the causes for big problems down the road. These problems become the norm and can be seen in companies literally everywhere.

You may not see these problems at first... they will be hidden... Unseen... but in time they come to the surface in so many different  ways you'll wonder why it's all going wrong.  

Do you have a vision that is pulling you yet?

When employees are asked to decide themselves they begin to feel trusted. Respected. Valued. They begin to ACTUALLY GENUINELY want to reach the goal even when you're away on holiday. 

The short time it takes to set this up in the beginning may seem like a burden but actually the many many benefits far far outweight this little effort.

2. They benefit directly and fairly from the results

This one is simple enough. You work hard for your reasons. You are clear about the connection to your efforts and your rewards. 

Simply give them the same. Let them see clearly how reaching their goals will benefit them. Ideally let the benefit be tailored to them giving them a say in it.

Many employees may think you're simply using them to benefit yourself. Don't allow this to take route. Adopt a win-win philosophy. Engage your employees and make sure you come to an agreement where you both feel you are going to win.

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