Coaching and Positive Psychology sessions

About me and my approach to coaching

Hi, I'm James, a highly trained coach and applied positive psychologist.

Through working with me, you’ll experience great growth, learning, and achievement in your chosen area whether that’s your personal life, your business, your work, or your leadership role. My coaching will dissolve stuck places, break through difficult situations, and fuel a powerful and lasting development in the direction of your choosing. 

My clients most often get coaching from me to:

  1. significantly raise performance levels and attain concrete results in business or work
  2. manage painful times such as depression and/or anxiety
  3. move out of stuck places, for example procrastination
  4. develop a personal vision for their life and what they want to achieve long-term ensuring a life or meaning and purpose and “no regrets” in the future
  5. explore and align their core values with their goals and daily life
  6. manage difficult times and times of significant change
  7. bring into reality a long-held dream
James Stevenson - Coach (EMCC)

My training is broad, and I draw on a range of coaching techniques depending on the needs of each client. Some examples include solution-focused coaching, strengths coaching, positive psychology coaching, clean language, and cognitive-behavioural coaching.  

I typically use the GROW, T-GROW, and GROWTH coaching psychology models to provide structure to coaching sessions. The level and presence of structure will be dependent on your goal(s). My area of greatest expertise outside of coaching is wellbeing and wellness: the psychology of what leads to flourishing. I mix coaching and mentoring depending on the goals and preferences of my client.

I take my continued professional development seriously and periodically see a supervisor to ensure the high quality of my work. I abide by the EMCC global code of ethics to ensure a high standard of professionalism. I am also a practising member of EMCC.

My Web Business 

WiseGoals traffic stats

I created, a web business that supports people in setting and achieving life goals around 10 years ago. The approach and methodologies used are both research-based and highly practical. These approaches aim to help the, on average, 10,000 clients each month who visit- helping them to set goals, track progress, and celebrate their successes! The website is ranked in the top 0.1% of all websites (in terms of user visits and global internet engagement) and was something I researched, designed, and created all with my own two hands.

Training, Qualifications and Experience

MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology


Paul (CFO at a renowned educational organisation)

"James’ calm and kind approach combined with an ability to listen deeply and ask insightful questions makes for an enjoyable and powerful coaching experience. James’ coaching has helped me to successfully reach goals in different areas of my life, including business and well-being goals. I have no hesitation in recommending James and I am very grateful that he is my coach"

Sandra (Business Owner)

“When being in the presence of James I have always felt a higher sense of myself, enhanced connection with who I really am and who I want to become – the fundamentals for me to achieve my personal goals whilst developing my life path. James’ caring, attentive, and focused way of being in the moment has enabled me to have fun, laugh, relax, and experience novel sides within me at the same time as discovering sensitive and vulnerable parts of myself.

As a human and as a coach James has provided me space to uncover new potentials within me and breakthrough unhelpful patterns – James brings his full self into the coaching session, into the moment every single time and minute, and I have benefitted from his great humour, warmth, and humanity.

With James, I am not hiding or holding back anything – I feel fully accepted and heard. James has supported me to overcome long-lasting fears while making me challenge myself and try out characteristics and steps I would have never thought would be possible to explore. 

Thank you James for making me more self-aware and for helping me overcome challenges which have held me back for a long time – in multiple contexts in life. Now I can sincerely say how relieved, and “whole” I feel about myself.”


The cost of my coaching depends on your current circumstances. Get in touch and we can find a way that we are both happy with. 

Contact Details

To find out more or book an initial consultation you can send me an email and I'll get back to you with my availability:

Best wishes, 


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