About me

Hey, nice to meet you. I'm James, a life and business coach, and a psychologist. I'm up in the north of England, UK. 

I love hearing people talk about what really matters to them... listening with interest and without interruption, asking questions, sharing what I hear and notice, watching as self-awareness expands... and then as motivation grows and finally an outpouring of ideas, and creativity and action planning ensues. Coaching is my passion, my love, and my purpose. I look forward to a lifetime of learning and practise and reflection and development in this wonderful field. The love of my life. 

WiseGoals.com started as a little side project many moons ago. I used to set goals myself and liked to put them on what I thought at the time were fancy looking cards! I thought people might want to use them when setting their own goals. My design skills were really wanting to say the least at that time... Luckily my skills improved a bit over the years and with that so did the worksheets etc. Although I'm certainly no web designer! What started as a hobby has developed into a nice little earner now :-) I've even learnt a thing or two about the world of web business along the way. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess...

I've always been interested in psychology. I studied sports science in Uni and the thing that most grabbed me was goal setting and what happens to performance when focus is directed toward different things.

My career has been pretty varied and includes some time as a secondary school teacher in the UK,  teaching in Japan (a.k.a a 4 year holiday), football coaching at the British Football Academy in Tokyo, and then running a youth parliament when I returned to the UK. Also ran a real ale pub for a year somewhere in there somehow.

It's fair to say I've always been drawn to coaching and performance. When I look at my original attempts to write about goals and motivation, I think there was a lot of passion, and not a lot of knowledge! It's kind of embarrassing. This could easily be the tagline of WiseGoals to be honest. Wise Goals. It's kind of embarrassing! I have to be straight up honest... A lot of the writing is pretty awful lol I often look at the stats and despair at people reading what I wrote 10 years ago! 

Luckily I finally did a masters degree in coaching psychology and positive psychology and I now at least have some depth of ideas and knowledge :-) 

What else is there to say about me... 

I quite enjoy singing. Although mostly alone. In karaoke I'd probably attempt to bust out some Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra, but also maybe the theme to fresh prince of bel air or the duet in Aladdin. "IT'S A WHOLE NEEEEWWW WORLD... " Haha

I'm also a bit of a sports nut. Football (soccer to my US friends) and tennis mostly. But I'd watch anything with a racket... oooooooooooo, and snooker. Love snooker and pool.

Well, best wishes to you and hope you enjoy the resources on this site. If you want to get in touch for any reason, contact me page is here.  

Ciao for now,


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