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Hey. Thanks for checking out my about me page. I'm James. That's me and my family in the photo half-posing, half-holding on for dear life!

I am the founder, the author, and the web-designer of this site.

I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland but sadly my accent is long gone after years of moving around so "neeee taking the mickey!!". My accent is so mixed now that every person I meet thinks I'm from a different place! 

If you're battling through something big right now I can certainly relate as I've battled with illness for many many years.

If you're hoping to achieve something I can definitely relate as I've used motivational approaches such as setting my wishes down for jobs, exercise, nutrition, weight loss, study, reading, home, and so much more. 

Whatever you happen to be challenging right now, I hope you find something valuable here. Perhaps a renewed sense of hope, or a twang of bravery, or maybe some new ideas or new way forward.  

So why did I decide to create a website?

I guess I've always had an interest in psychology and philosophy for as long as I can remember. In university my main focus was stress, anxiety, focus, and goal setting.

In 2007 I moved to Japan to experience something new and different. I lived there for 5 years and discovered some great Japanese philosophers.

One of my first big encounters was coming across a magazine lying on my girlfriends bed while she was at work. There were beautiful photos and inspirational quotes inside from a man I've never heard of called Daisaku Ikeda.

He has since become my favourite philosopher, and he has pointed me in the direction of many other great thinkers and leaders. I like to think of all these great people of great spirit and heart as my teachers. I want to learn from them with you. The way I learn is to write, and discuss, and share, and support, and rinse, and repeat.

My hopes

I really want to help each person take one step forwards in the direction of their choice. And then perhaps another step forwards. In their own pace, in their own way.

Even if you're a complete newbie goal setting can be fun, stress-free,  and you can do it in a way that feels like a good match for you. There are a thousand ways and hopefully you'll discover yours here!

Happy goal setting!

James x

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